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  Company name: Guangzhou Yema Electronic Technology Co., Ltd    >>>>查看中文简介
Company Profile: Guangzhou Yema Electronic Technology Co., Ltd devotes itself to advance the technologies in the fields of smart cards biometrics applications, based on smart cards RFID Reader and fingerprint recognition, it is the high-tech entity enterprise that engaged in the smart cards RFID reader and fingerprint access attendance machine involves in scientific research and development, production and sale.The company has now developed into the Pearl River Delta and even the one of the largest RFID reader suppliers. The main products are:fingerprint attendance, fingerprint entrance guard, fingerprint readers and other fingerprint products, IC&ID Consumption machine, IC&ID entrance guard machine, IC&ID attendance machines, IC&ID control water machines, IC&ID RFID Reader, Much door controller and other plastic card products including blank cards, proximity cards, contact and contactless IC cards, RFID cards, printed cards, barcode cards, magnetic stripe cards and transparent cards, and so on. The company provides customers with steady performance products: non-contact proximity IC&ID card, guard patrol system, electric lock, which includes electronic insert lock, magnetic lock and fireproof passage lock, power, anti-theft alarm system, buildings phone system, Closed Circuit Monitoring system and other products. Our products are widely used in finance, telecommunications, government, health care, insurance, telecommunications, education, and other fields.

The company has an integrated high-quality, professional ability, the work of an experienced elite team.Always follow the international advanced technology, innovation and the development of new products to meet market demand for products.In the process of changing modern technology development always has been at the forefront of technology development, and maintain technology leadership. So as to produce more professional, more suitable for people's needs. The rapid development of the company arrogant person outstanding ac

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Address: 2/F,Huizhou Building,NO.313,Huanshi Middle Road,Yuexiu District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province,China Zip Code : 510000
Contact person: Miss Wang Email:
TEL: 020-83573316 Fax: 020-83573551