Career Planning
Facts & Figures about the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Read more
Relaunch Your Career With Confidence
ANY TYPE OF CAREER change can be stressful and scary, whether it's returning to the workforce after caring for children or an aging parent, taking time off for personal health reasons or planning a sabbatical. Many pro...Read more
Great Jobs for English Majors
AN ENGLISH CLASS IS A passport, facilitating journeys through time, across cultures and into the minds of fascinating people. For students who enjoy reading novels, debating ideas and polishing prose, "there's a lot of pleasure in bei...Read more
iRobot to expand Guangzhou unit
Colin Angle, chairman, CEO and co-founder of iRobot, makes a speech during the annual industrial gala Robo Madness 2018 in Boston, United States. [Photo provided to] ...Read more
Biology Jobs for Science Lovers
FEW FIELDS SEEM MORE important than biology, the study of life. From global climate change to cancer research, its findings matter in ways both immense and intimate. ...Read more
Guangzhou to cut costs for manufacturing enterprises
The city of Guangzhou rolled out 59 measures on Feb 28 to reduce costs for the manufacturing industry and support the development of the real economy. The southern Chinese city will work to reduce taxation and lower the cost of land use,...Read more
Your College Major Does Not Define Your Career
COLLEGE STUDENTS RELY on tidy categories to organize their social and academic lives, identifying themselves and others by the dorms they live in and fraternities and sororities they belong to. Perhaps the brightest stamps young schol...Read more
How to Land an Entry-Level Job
Companies looking for entry-level employees care about whether workers have or seem capable of picking up relevant skills.(GETTY IMAGES) ENTRY-LEVEL JOBS present one of the most vexing paradoxes of professional ...Read more
Guangzhou Development District: driving force for Guangzhou's economy and innovation Read more
Drones will change how we live
One of the most exciting things about the Consumer Electronics Show is that you can see first-hand how technology will impact the future. If you go fishing, for example, you can pack an underwater drone that helps locate fish in the water. You...Read more
Guangzhou, int'l metropolis in the making
As the capital of Guangdong province, Guangzhou has entered a new era with a global perspective, following global development patterns and enhancing its international influence in the past year. The city has become an important gateway between...Read more
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