10 Hobbies That Can Make You Money

IF YOU'RE LOOKING FOR ways to make some additional income during this time, it's completely understandable – and a good idea. The current economy has caused many professionals to consider taking on additional work for revenue but also as a long-term backup plan. Some have been laid off or furloughed and are looking for nontraditional ways to continue to provide for their families, such as profitable hobbies.

Career coaching clients are encouraged to take time to think about tasks or hobbies that they enjoy to brainstorm career ideas. Some will be realistic and, of course, some will not. However, this helps them begin to consider what elements they may want to have in a long-term career path, and sometimes there are practical ideas that are feasible as well. This exercise can be used to brainstorm side gigs or creative ways to make extra cash.

To help you think about possible side hustles you may want to take up, here's a list of 10 hobbies that can make you money.


Do you like to make things for others? Consider selling what you make online. Crafts could range from making jewelry to painting unique greeting cards or even handmade masks for those who need them during this time. More and more consumers are looking for ways to support local businesses and prefer a handcrafted item to something imported. Ask your family for their honest feedback, determine if what you make is unique enough to get noticed and then try it.

Create an Instagram account for your crafts, take good pictures and research the best hashtags to use. You can also ask friends and family to promote you to their friends. You could also consider selling on platforms such as Etsy or eBay, but keep in mind that they will take a percentage of your sales, so trying to sell on social media first will allow you to determine the demand for your craft.

Pet Sitter or Dog Walker

Do you like to exercise? Think about becoming a neighborhood dog walker. While a lot of people under the circumstances are able to be more active since they are home, others are working from home and helping their kids with their home-schooling, so they might not have as much time for their pets. Some people may simply need someone to play with their pet or care for them if someone in their household is ill.

Writing Reviews

If you enjoy rating and reviewing products, there are many companies that will pay you for your honest opinion about their products. This can be a great way to make some extra cash to help with groceries and other necessary items.


Are you an expert in a certain field or do you speak a second language? You could be the tutor that someone is looking for. With more people at home, online learning is more popular than ever. And while there are online learning platforms with recorded classes, others prefer one-to-one classes with a live tutor.

Reach out to your network and let them know that you would be available to tutor their students or children on the subject that you are most knowledgeable or certified for. You can also sign up on sites like Upwork and post about your tutoring services.

Writing Short Stories

If you like to write, consider writing short stories or blog posts and selling them. Try out an editing job at a small publishing house or online media outlet.

Social Media Management

For those who love using social media, there are small and large companies who need a social media manager, or even someone to schedule their posts for them online.


If you speak another language, translating could be another way to make some extra cash.